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How old is a senior dog?

Updated: May 25, 2023

We all know that dogs age much faster than us, in fact that’s probably their only flaw, and it’s easy to be in denial about our ageing animals. Watching out for signs of ageing, as difficult as this can be, and supporting your four legged bestie with extra nutritional care as they age, can help him or her stay healthier for longer.

Typical signs that your dog is ageing:

  • Weight gain or loss

  • Joint pain or stiffness

  • Grey hairs on their muzzle and face

  • Cloudy eyes (may be mistaken for cataracts)

  • Sleeping more

  • Deafness that is definitely not selective

  • Gum disease

  • Behaviour changes

As a general rule one human year equals seven dog years, however the point at which a dog can be defined as a ‘senior’ and the speed at which they age depends on your dog’s breed and size.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Small breeds are considered senior dogs around 10-12 years old

  • Medium size breeds are considered senior dogs around 8-9 years old

  • Large and giant breeds are considered senior dogs around 6-7 years old

What your dog eats plays an enormous role as he or she ages. By supporting their changing bodies with quality food specifically created for senior dogs (less fat and fewer calories), supplements such as omega oils (great for brain function as well as joints), and natural immune system boosters like herbal adaptogens, the ageing process can be far less stressful for both you and your dog.

With increased age comes an increased risk of your dog developing health problems such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Here at Gizzls we took these risk factors into account when we formulated our Senior dog treats. Baked with organic peanut butter, natural anti-inflammatory turmeric, omega oils and the following powerful herbal adaptogens:

  • Rhodiola to help increase your dog’s stamina & cognitive function and lessen the effects of old age stressors like joint pain and fatigue

  • Basil to support regular digestion, boost brain function & support joints

  • Hawthorn for its powerful antioxidant properties, supports a healthy heart and kidneys, increases circulation and fortifies smooth muscle tissues

  • Nettle is packed with minerals and nutrients, can aid recovery from illness and is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce arthritis & joint pain

Along with extra nutritional support, you can help your senior dog enjoy life for longer by taking them for their usual daily walk (even if it’s just a slow stroll around the block), maintaining a daily routine and making sure they see a vet for check ups every 6 months to catch and treat any serious issues before they take hold. Keep your dog healthy and happy in their senior years with Botanicals Senior 100% Natural Dog Treats. Shop here.

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