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Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats for Joint & Mobility
  • Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats for Joint & Mobility


    Your pup wants to play! Keep your furry best friend living their best life with these delicious, functional biscuits, that help relieve joint pain, inflammation and promote faster recovery from exercise.


    How will the ingredients help my dog's achy joints?

    🥜 Organic Peanut Butter
    Delicious protein, packed with heart healthy nutrients.

    🌱 Boswellia Serrata
    Slows cartilage damage in arthritic joints. Reduces inflammation of the joints.


    ❤️ Astaxanthin
    Promotes faster recovery from exercise and proactively maintains health. Protects against free radicals. 


    🧡 Turmeric & Black Pepper
    High in antioxidants, a powerful anti-inflammatory and relieves pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.


    🐟Omega-3 Fish Oil (with EPA & DHA)
    Keeps collagen and cartilage healthier for longer. Improves activity and eases joint stiffness.


    Organic Peanut Butter, Coconut Flour, Boswellia Serratta, Astaxanthin, Ground Flaxseed, Butternut,Turmeric & Black Pepper,Omega-3 Fish Oil, Parsley, Rosemary Extract