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Calming Hemp Dog Treats

Say goodbye to restless nights and anxious days.


Whether it’s separation stress, fireworks, or simply the hustle and bustle of daily life, these yummy treats will help your furry friend find their inner zen.


THE benefits


Gizzy. Forever my why.

Behind every brand (big or small), there's a story. Mine started with a fluffy kitty called Gizzy. And he's the reason why I'm obsessed with crafting the best, healthy treats for pets.  



When the idea for Gizzls was born, I wanted to create healthy dog and cat treats that were delicious, nutritious and wouldn’t contain any ingredient that I wasn’t happy to give to my beloved Gizzy (or eat myself).


To ensure that the correct amount of goodness goes into each recipe, all our ranges are developed and crafted with a pet nutritionist, herbalist and a holistic vet.


We only use 100% natural ingredients, sustainable, free-range meats and fresh, organic veggies straight from the farm. No added salt, grain, sugars, or any artificial nasties whatsoever.

We only use wholesome ingredients you can recognise and pronounce. Well, except for some of the botanicals, they're a bit tricky! Astaxanthin (asta like pasta and -xanthin like “zan-thin), we're looking at you.

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